Contact Lenses

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Blurry vision due to refractive error

can be corrected through glasses,

contact lenses,

or refractive surgery.

Contact Lenses are a very common form of vision correction. Contacts sit directly on the cornea and focus light into your retina so you can see clearly. Contact lens materials have come a very long way in recent years allowing many different options for vision correction. There are various designs of contacts lenses including soft spherical, astigmatic, and multifocal and gas permeable spherical, bi-toric, and bifocal. Contact lenses come in various disposal methods including daily, bi-weekly, monthly, and planned replacement. Many people who were not able to wear contacts in the past are now able to do so with all the recent advancements in the design and material.

The doctors at Riddle Eye Associates provide complete contact lens care to our patients. There is a type of contacts lens to fit virtually every kind of lifestyle or conditions, so the doctor will need to examine and evaluate which contact lens type best fits your needs, Our Optical Technicians will teach you the proper way to insert and remove your lenses as well as proper treatment of your contacts when you are not wearing them. Contact lenses stay exceptionally comfortable for extended periods of time and are very convenient for everyday situations where you may not want to deal with eyeglasses.

Riddle Eye Associates provides a large Variety of contact lenses which may be shipped directly to you or available for office pick up. They can be ordered directly from our website or our staff is happy to take your order over the phone.

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